Now Serving Dinner |

After work, most of us just want to wind down, loosen our ties and enjoy a nice meal. What better way to do that than to stuff a napkin where that annoying tie used to be and get your hands on a Mahony’s po-boy? Mahony’s is no longer just a lunch spot! We’re now offering dinner.


Dinner was a natural progression for us. Take a look at some of our premium po-boys. One could argue they’re just dinner in the form of a sandwich! The Short Rib, for example, takes a good ole’ fashioned BBQ dinner and slaps it between two pieces of French bread.
BBQ Not your style? How about some home cooked Turducken? Shrimp Remoulade? Or maybe the classic Peacemaker is more your style. Whatever sandwich you choose, we’ll be here open for dinner. Come stop on by.