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Onion rings — 8.45

voted nation’s best thin-cut rings

Crawfish nachos — 12.95

tortilla chips topped with pimento cheese queso, shredded lettuce, jalapenos and fried Louisiana crawfish tails

cracklin’s & queso — 8.95

crispy pork cracklin’s with pimento cheese queso

Hoppin Chicken strips — 10.95

six or dozen wings, choices of buffalo, bbq or naked, celery, blue cheese or ranch

gerry’s wings — 9.95 / 15.95

six or dozen wings, choices of buffalo, bbq or naked, celery, blue cheese or ranch

etouffee fries — 14.95

shredded cheddar and our loaded crawfish etouffee

cheese fries — 9.95

shredded cheddar and smothered with pimento cheese queso

Pig fries — 13.45

shredded cheddar and our roast beef debris gravy

debris fries — 11.95

shredded cheddar and our roast beef debris gravy

New Orleans BBQ oysters — 14.95

french bread “boot” of fried oysters smothered with our garlic worcestershire butter sauce

fried pickles — 9.45

sliced dill pickles marinated in hot sauce, fried and served with tabasco ranch

FRIED green tomatoes — 9.95

a traditional southern fare with remoulade sauce





Arugula salad — 11.95

arugula, feta, golden raisins, pickled onions, creole mustard vinaigrette

Shrimp remoulade — 13.95

chilled gulf shrimp and house remoulade, fried green tomatoes, shredded iceberg lettuce and boiled egg

Chicken club — 14.95

iceberg lettuce blend, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, seasoned bacon, sliced egg, cheddar cheese, french bread croutons, fried Hoppin’ chicken, choice of dressing

Classic artichoke salad — 9.95

marinated artichokes, olives and peppers, iceberg

HOUSE — 7.95

mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, french bread croutons


Ranch, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard, Italian Vinaigrette, Creole Mustard Vinaigrette, Remoulade

add fried or grilled shrimp — 6.95

add oysters — 8.95

add crabmeat — market price

add chicken — 4.95





FRIED SHRIMP — 11.95 / 17.95

crystal marinated and cornmeal crusted shrimp

FRIED OYSTERS — 15.95 / 22.95

cornmeal crusted oysters

FRIED CATFISH filet — 10.95 / 16.95

cornmeal crusted Louisiana catfish filet

smoked sausage — 10.95 / 16.95

griddled pork & beef smoked sausage link

ANGUS ‘POT ROAST’ BEEF — 11.95 / 17.95

angus beef knuckle braised in red wine, holy trinity and garlic, dressed with gravy

Alligator sausage — 12.95 / 18.95

grilled alligator & pork sausage


root beer glazed chisesi ham with choice of cheese


grilled patton’s hot sausage

GRILLED HAMBURGER — 11.45 / 16.45

grilled certified angus beef

COLD TURKEY & SWISS — 10.95 / 16.95

roasted turkey & swiss cheese

THE CLUB — 13.95 / 19.95

chisesi ham, roasted turkey, bacon, choice of cheese, served hot


Not dressed

Roast pork & slaw — 12.95 / 18.95

slow roasted pork butt, creole coleslaw, house mustard vinaigrette

GRILLED SHRIMP REMI— 14.95 / 21.95

grilled jumbo gulf shrimp, fried green tomatoes, remoulade, lettuce , pickles

Fried green pimento cheese blt  — 10.95 / 16.95

fried green tomatoes, candied bacon, pimento cheese, lettuce, mayo


fried eggplant, red gravy, provolone & parmesan cheese

CHICKEN PARMESAN — 11.95 / 17.95

brined chicken strips battered & fried with memaw’s chicken dredge, red gravy, provolone & parmesan cheese

Meatball Parmesan — 11.95 / 17.95

memaw’s sicilian meatballs, red gravy, provolone & parmesan cheese

Po-Boy Fest Award Winners

PEACEMAKER — 15.95 / 22.95

fried jumbo gulf shrimp and oysters, cheddar cheese, candied bacon, dressed

CHICKEN LIVERS & SLAW — 11.95 / 17.95

lightly floured and fried chicken livers, creole coleslaw, creole mustard vinaigrette

new orleans classics


crawfish etouffee — cup 7.95 / bowl 16.95

a true Creole French version, scratch made and loaded with an obscene amount of Louisiana crawfish served with Louisiana popcorn rice and French bread

seafood gumbo — cup 7.95 / bowl 14.95

definitive New Orleans classic of crabmeat, gulf shrimp & oysters served with Louisiana popcorn rice and French Bread

sub our potato salad for rice or add — 1.00

chicken & sausage gumbo — cup 6.95 / bowl 13.95

classic dark roux of Creole mirepoix, chicken and andouille sausage served with Louisiana popcorn rice and French bread

sub our potato salad for rice or add — 1.00

red beans n’rice — 16.95

slow cooked red beans, smoked sausage, Louisiana popcorn rice, jalapeno butter corn bread

Blackened catfish & greens — 22.95

blackened catfish filet with our seafood jambalaya, braised collards and jalapeno corn bread

Redfish atchafalaya — 23.95

pan seared redfish over our shrimp & crawfish butter rice, smothered with crawfish etouffee, served with braised collards

catfish pontchartrain — 23.95

fried catfish filet over seafood jambalaya, smothered with our Gulf Shrimp, Crawfish and Blue Crab Alicia sauce served with braised collards and French bread

sub Loaded Crawfish Etouffee — 2.95

eggplant seafood pontchartrain — 22.95

lightly fried eggplant medallions over rotini pasta smothered with our Gulf Shrimp, Crawfish and Blue Crab Alicia sauce served with French bread

low country shrimp & grits — 19.95

jumbo gulf shrimp, sweet corn, okra, cherry tomatoes, garlic,shrimp butter, and praline bacon over our creamy grits

crawfish monica — 19.95

tender Louisiana crawfish tails in delicious, spicy cream sauce with rotini pasta, served french bread

Sides — 4.95



creole slaw

creamy grits

red beans


braised collards

shrimp & crawfish rice

roasted corn maque choux

house cut fries

sweet potato fries



Mini Mahony’s


choices for our guest’s 12 and under

all served with choice of french fries or Zapp’s — 7.95


Hoppin chicken tenders


fried catfish







new orleans ICE CREAM “PO-BOY” — 5.95

your choice of classic vanilla or creole cream cheese ice cream, chocolate chip cookies and dipped in chocolate hard shell


with powdered sugar and chocolate dipping sauce

po-boy & fries — 9.95

your choice of the vanilla or creole cream cheese ice cream Po-boy, served with side of beignet fries


there may be a risk associated with consuming raw shellfish as is the case with other raw protein products. if you suffer from chronic illness of the liver, stomach or have other immune disorders, you should eat these products fully cooked.